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The Rural Kit

The Rural Kit includes: Filter, backwashing syringe, plastic tap and/or universal adapter. Kits can be adapted to include other items based on client or regional needs.

The Urban Kit

The Urban Kit includes: Filter, backwashing syringe, universal adapter and/or ½“ to ¾” adapter (not shown). Kits can be adapted to include other items based on client or regional needs.

Sydney 905 Filters

Sydney 905 Filters has designed, developed and supplies two of the most versatile filters, globally, namely, “The Sydney 905 Filter” which is a 0.1 micron hollow fibre membrane Point-of-Use (POU) microfiltration water filter and the “The Sydney 905 Purifier” which is as a 0.01 micron hollow fibre membrane POU ultrafiltration water purifier. Both are highly effective, portable, fully sustainable (i.e. no need to replace any filter cartridges), small, lightweight and durable. There are no chemicals used in the filter and the filtered water will still contain the naturally occurring safe and healthy minerals. They will augment or replace any existing water supply systems, whether improved or unimproved, urban or rural.

Water Filter Specifications

The Sydney 905 Filters ® are also the most versatile filters in the global market thus allowing numerous setup configurations as can be seen in the photos below. They prove to be one of the most cost efficient ways to get safe water regardless of water source. They also make ideal water filters for emergency rapid responses such as in areas impacted by natural disasters as well as manmade disasters such as areas under conflict.

These water filters are:

  • Extremely effective – Extremely small micron ratings. Two variants in pore sizes, the 0.1 micron (absolute) pore size filter and the 0.01 micron (absolute) pore size purifier. These filters also remove turbidity and odour from water.
  • Portable – Whether urban or rural and indoors or outdoors, use it around the home/property or take it with you camping or other holidays, i.e. a perfect “travel mate”, just in case you are concerned about the integrity of your destination’s water supply.
  • Fully sustainable – Will last many years. The lifespan depends on the proper care of the filter/purifier and the turbidity of raw Only the occasional basic backwashing required, with the supplied syringe.
  • Versatile – Allowing numerous setup configurations (as seen above but not limited to).
  • Cost efficient – Low cost of the filter/purifier, saving the household/beneficiary money by not having to buy fuels for boiling water for purification, medical bills, etc.
  • Small, lightweight and durable – there are no moving parts and thus not prone to breakages.
  • Fast flow rates – There is a high flow rate of the filter and this flow rate is determined by a combination of:
    • Head pressure (The distance from the top of the water to the filter).
    • Pump used.
    • Altitude (The higher the altitude, the slower the flow rate).
    • How clean the filter is.
    • Turbidity of the water.
    • The filter/purifier itself (there are big variations between the filter and the purifer).

    The 0.1 micron filter and the 0.01 micron purifier can be gravity fed or can handle a pressurised feed. Both product membranes have a tolerance up to just over 4 bars of pressure which will give about 80 litres per minute for the filter and about 10 litres per minute for the purifier. However, due to the microscopic size filtration pores of the membranes and the expansion properties under high pressure of the polypropylene filter and purifier casings, it is recommended to only use the filters and purifiers under gravity feed.

    A safe and realistic flow for the completed encased filter is around 5 litres per minute and around 1 litres per minute for the purifier.

    No chemicals are used and the filtered/purified water will still contain the naturally occurring safe and healthy minerals. They can handle from a gravity feed to a pressurised supply of water.

    They can be used on a universally common 3/4″ threaded tap connection or a non-threaded tap connection via the supplied universal tap adapter, in rural or urban areas, indoors or outdoors, where the source of water can be a risk to one’s health. Any household, property or area that has a water flow or vessel with or where a threaded or non-threaded connection can be attached, should have one of these filters so as remove any doubt with the health integrity of the water.

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