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Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd recommends that these filters be used directly on a universally common 3/4″ threaded tap connection or a non-threaded tap connection via the supplied universal tap adapter, in rural or urban areas, indoors or outdoors, where the source of water can be a risk to one’s health.

Any household, property or area that has a water flow with or where a threaded or non-threaded connection can be attached, should have one of these filters so as remove any doubt with the health integrity of the water. This peace of mind happens after passing that dubious water through this filter thus making it clean and safe for human consumption or any other use. The 0.1 micron filter can handle from a mere gravity feed to a pump pressure of 4.5 bars and can be used on taps attached to any water storage vessel which are either indoors and/or outdoors. The 0.01 micron purifier can handle a gravity feed but ideally suited to a pressurised water supply. It too can be attached to any water storage vessel which are either indoors and/or outdoors.

These filters are truly unique and self sustainable.

As previously mentioned, there is a great need for clean and safe water in both the rural and urban areas.  Not only is the need felt at households but also clinics and schools.

Occasionally, it is also just not financially viable to run kilometers of pipelines to small remote and dispersed communities especially when there is adverse topography. The harsh reality is that these smaller isolated clusters will not have immediate access to piped water, if ever! These remote locations can also make it difficult for water tankers to make the costly trips out to these communities. Unfortunately, these communities will be the last in line to receive clean and safe water, if ever at all!

By distributing these filters to both rural and urban households, in particular, areas of high sanitation issues (i.e. high priority areas) and where a high percentage of the household’s main source of water is from unprotected and ground and surface water supplies, will empower the households to maintain the integrity of their own water consumption, i.e. becoming “self- providers”, and thus have a “decentralising effect” on the supply of clean and safe water by government, local authorities and any other support entities. This also allows them to be proactive rather than reactive to disease incidence mitigation.

Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd is willing to work with other entities, by supplying our filters, so as to help provide fully sustainable environmental and human betterment solutions to both rural and urban households in need so the beneficiaries can have their own contingency plan for the provision of clean and safe water. 

The funding and of distribution of these filters will also support any action-orientated corporate or other social responsibility programmes aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the environment and communities, thus improving on the entity’s water and environmental stewardship.

The distribution of these filters will also underpin carbon offset initiatives, and/or the “new kid on the block”, Water Betterment Certificates whereby entities use the Water Benefit Standard to make the most of their investments in water management and stewardship. They can either certify their own best-practice water management efforts (e.g. in their supply and value chains) or invest in certified project water benefits elsewhere that are generated through the annual project verification process of Water Benefit projects.

It must be noted that one filter can provide benefit to at least 5 people which seems to be the average household size. Therefore the negligible cost of the filters can be roughly divided by 5 to work out the price per head for access to clean and safe water through these filters.

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